Our Mission

Reef Systems Coral Farm is dedicated to offering quality services and products at a reasonable price to the hobbyist.  

Since 2005, we’ve built a state-of-the-art greenhouse for our coral farming facility.  We specialize in captive raised corals, aqua cultured live rock, saltwater fish, and tank-raised saltwater fish. We have five 2,000 gallon containers and over 10,000 pieces of coral for sale in a wide variety of price points.

What’s the difference between a coral farm and a frag shop?

Over 90% of our corals are raised at our farm right here in Central Ohio. We have mother colonies that we take clippings from to grow out and sell to our customers and stores. This is a renewable resource and is the best way to ensure disease-free, healthy animals to our customers. Frag shops bring in wild corals, cut them up, and attach them to plugs to resell. We pride ourselves in providing captive raised corals as an alternative to imported wild specimens. Farm-raised animals support the protection of our reefs, a mission close to our hearts.  

In addition to Reef Systems Coral Farm, we have a dedicated aquarium service company, click here for more information.